Friday, June 25, 2010

Trophy Wife 101.

This single post may make my blog obsolete.

Note: But publishing this post is a risk that I must take, yes.

This one eensy post may reveal all the information that my Followers truly need in order to achieve Trophy Wife Status. This startling revelation may result in a decline in my readership,
but, dear Followers, I will bite the bullet, yes. I will now reveal the secret.

Note: I love the term 'Followers'. It makes me think of either those motley-looking kids trailing behind the Pied Piper or maybe a Mama Duck crossing the street trailing her ugly ducklings (no offense to my actual ducklings/offspring) or the believers of some freaky religious cult that pulls out their eyebrow hairs and drinks rabbit urine.


So, back to business. The secret:

Note: No, the secret is not the acquisition of a husband, although hot diggity, that's one fine-looking Husband and no, the secret is not the acquisition of a baby, although hot diggity, that's one fine-looking baby.

Look at the eyes of the Hub. Look at the smile. The genuine joy on his face. The delight of holding his Grand Boy.

That's it, folks. That's all you need to be a Trophy Wife, or perhaps in this case, a Trophy Husband or maybe a Trophy Dude or a perhaps a Trophy Individual.

And that's the secret.

Love. Love of family. Love of friends. Love of pets. Love of God. And recognizing it. And cherishing it.

Trite, yes. True, yes.

Note: Although I have revealed the secret, be sure that I have lots more to say in my blog. About stuff. All kind of interesting stuff. So keep lurking! And keep reading!

Heck, yes!