Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Age Police strike again. Blast.

They're baaack.

And now, the Age Police dare to imply that not only do I need hearing aids and elastic-waist pants, I must now consider a brand new problem. Of aging.

I am sorting through the mail. I almost throw away the heavy envelope, with its discreet return address. Curiosity prevails. I open it.

It is a brochure with a 60ish woman, which I am not.even.close, sitting on a stability ball somewhere in the farm country, with a dog, a schnauzer perhaps, poised beside her on his back legs, attempting to lick her face, it seems.

Discover a perfect fit, it says. For your bladder protection needs.

Note: Seriously?

The brochure contains lots of information about uncontrollable urine leakage and customizable fit and Dry-Fast Core.

Note to my Pilates Pals: Oh, yes. The Core. Do I hear a telephone ringing?

Now, I don't mean to make light of the situation because bladder control issues are nothing to sneeze at.

Note: Okay, you gotta admit that was hilarious. Sneeze at. Simmer down, everyone. It's just a little joke.

And lest I have yet to secure my spot in hell, please take note of the Attractive Undergarment anatomically desiged for men that looks and feels like regular briefs, obviously.

Note: I have nothing more to say. Speechless, yes.

Heck, yes!

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