Monday, June 28, 2010

The Nature. Of Nature. And the Natural Order. Of Nature.

Today we will enjoy a lesson in Biological Science.

Note: Please do not be discouraged by the intellectual level of this post. It will contain words and pictures, for the visual learner.

It is a well-documented fact that Nature is clever. By it's very nature, yes. One might even say that it is the nature of Nature to be clever, yes.

Note: If I have already lost you, dear reader, with this high-level analysis of the nature of Nature, please do not fret. Pictures appear shortly.

For example, Nature provides disguises for its weaker vessels. Little duckies (the technical term is 'duckling') are born with fuzz that makes them appear puffier and larger and even more delicious.

Note: Poor example.

For example, baby deer (the technical term is 'fawn') have spots for five months or so, which appear to be splotches of dappled sunlight to predators, thus ensuring the safety of the wobbly little creature. Unfortunately, those same spots and dappled sunlight may be misconstrued by automobile drivers as, well, dappled sunlight, thus causing a potentially unfortunate incident.

Note: Maybe another poor example.

Imagine, then, my surprise and utter delight to see the nature of Nature right here in my own backyard!

Our local hills are dotted with wild turkeys (the technical term is 'idiots') who parade around and fluff and occasionally suffer whacks to the head by errant golf balls, from which they recover quite nicely, thank you, on account of the fact that their brains are the size of a pea. The turkeys, however, are quite large and have no predators running wild around here, unless you count my neighbor Larry who likes to pop them with an air gun, now and again.

Exhibit l: The Wild Turkey

Because it is the nature of Nature to protect the weak, I have witnessed the actual evolution of a weak species seeking safety to become a dead-ringer for the Wild Turkey, with no known predators, aside from Larry, who incidentally, is a darned good shot.

Exhibit 2: The Butterfly, in Her Wild Turkey Get-Up

Because it is the nature of Nature to protect the weak, I am pleased to provide yet another example of the evolutionary process at work, right here, under our very noses.

Exhibit 3: The Domestic Turkey

Heck, yes!

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