Saturday, June 5, 2010

The. Incident.

People can change. Their minds. And I have, yes.

Before the Incident, I believed that those sharp prongs lining the eaves of the supermarket were cruel and inhumane to the fat little pigeons just wishing to roost there and raise a lovely little family.

After the Incident, I believe that those sharp prongs are not sharp enough and perhaps, with enough effort, those prongs could become nice little kebabs for roasting instead of roosting.

Before the Incident, I believed the gentle coos and warblings of the pigeon were soothing. Enchanting, even.

After the Incident, I believe that those same coos and warblings are the very voice of Beelzebub.

Sound the voice of warning! Alfred said it best in 1963. Click here. Or pay the awful price...

Does anyone have a good recipe for pigeon stew?

Heck, yes!


Lindsay said...

Did you have an encounter with pigeon poo? "The Incident" is a little vague, and apparently a title of an episode of Lost.

Amanda P said...

But, think about how easy birds have it? They can simultaneously do about anything and poop. Eat, fly, preen, walk...You'd make a game of hitting people, too.