Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Sad, Sad Commentary

Okay, you've seen my picture. How could you miss the enormous shot of my head right above this post? Recently, as I have embraced my inner-trophy-wifeness, I have come to realize that I am, indeed, a beautiful woman. Maybe not in the Scarlet Johansson big-pouty-lip and full-breast and youthful sort of way, but I'm pretty enough, funny, happy and full of love. Sounds beautiful to me.

So, which brings me to my sad commentary. I take a mid-morning pilates class at the rec center with about twenty other ladies, who are mostly, well, older than me. Watching my little 75 year-old pal Margaret workin' her abs gives me great joy. She's spry and kind and has this wacky little accent which I think is german, but it could be austrailian, for all I know. Accents are not my forte.

But I digress. The sad commentary. I had been talking about my handsome son's wedding to his gorgeous wife and at my pals' urging, I brought photos. (Admittedly, they did not have to urge too hard. When love is in the air, it's fun to share!) So, on cue, my little friends are "oohing" over the bride and "ahhing" that I had produced such a fine-looking groom. Then the sad commentary portion of my post: "Who is that lovely woman standing beside him in this photo?"

The gasp from my pilates pals was audible when I said it was me. They glanced back and forth from the picture to me, forgetting about sucking in their bellies and using their cores. The best response came from dear, dear Margaret. "That's YOU?"

Needless to say, I curled my hair and wore makeup to the next pilates class.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Believe

We all wander through our days, gathering experience and absorbing ideas until ultimately, we decide what we believe. Let me reiterate--what WE believe--what is true to us, for that is, after all truth. I'm nearing 46 years on this planet (can't wait for the next 46 as a Trophy Wife!) and I've been thinking about what I BELIEVE. Maybe not the deep, deep belief stuff. But the belief stuff that makes my heart sing on a rainy day. (If you like rainy days, you may as well quit reading now!)

I Believe . . .

that gray hair is for other people.
that flat bellies are sexier than big boobs.
that pink will always be the new pink.
that butterflies are symbolic.
that Rubi's eyes are perfect.
that whipped cream is the food of the gods.
that nice things are nice.
that heaven consists of eternal summer.
that hot fudge is best eaten straight from the jar with a spoon.
that flowers are our Creator's gift to us.
that acrylic nails are one of the top 10 inventions EVER.
that a diet soda and a breath mint is a healthy snack.
that iPods are meant to be danced to.
that people need to let loose a little. Or a lot.
that K-Love is a blessing in my life.
that everyone should drive a convertible.
that dogs should be allowed everywhere except animal shelters where none should exist.
that home is where Doug & Rubi are, as long as my kids are in my heart.
that my mom, my dear beautiful mom, would be proud of me.

Til tomorrow.