Friday, November 6, 2009

What is Polysorbate 60 Anyhow?

I love advertising icons, particularly those of the food variety. Cap'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Fantastic.

Note: I am not so crazy about the Geico Gecko. Crazy, peeping-tom reptiles aren't really my thing, although I do find the accent to be attractive. I also have bad feelings about that hideous Aflac duck, which would make a potentially delightful pate, by the way.

Note: I also like Christmas commercials. The one with the Wal-mart lanes opening to the sound of 'Carol of the Bells' made me weepy yesterday. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, the reason I love the icons is because they remind me of people. Okay, me. But not in a self-centered manner, obviously. More like a "gee-I-must-really-be-more-awesome-than-I-thought because hey-look-that-icon-looks-just-like-me!"

Case in point: Mr. Peanut

Aside from the obvious (actually on closer inspection, not-so-obvious, really) gender difference, I bear a strong resemblance to Mr. Peanut. Note the long, skinny arms and legs and the somewhat jovial demeanor. And check out the monacle. Dreamy. And have you seen this guy dance?

Hub has long disagreed with my assessment regarding Mr. Peanut. I think it's because I really can't dance. Very. Well.

But even he finds it hard to ignore the resemblance I bear to "Twinkie the Kid".

Note: There is no shame in looking like a Twinkie. Granted, a twinkie is somewhat shapeless (I rest my case) with skinny arms and legs BUT look at the joyful smile on that face. And everyone knows that a Twinkie is filled with luscious, creamy, SWEET filling. And polysorbate 60.

So I rest my case. That's me. Kinda shapeless and perhaps a little soft in the middle, but my insides are sweet. Yup. And I've got a big smile on my face.

Maybe Twinkie the Kid needs a little crown on her head. The Trophy Twinkie.


Amanda P said...

Is it a problem that I look like this one?

Jessica Roudebush said...

Among some of my friends we debate who would win in a fight that included: the Aflac duck or the Geico gecko. I think we ended the debate by saying that the Progressive Lady with her bright red lip stick would win because everyone would split when she walked in the room.