Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The BeeGees, quite frankly.

I am watching 'Dancing with the Stars'. The BeeGees are performing and it is a match made, quite frankly, in disco heaven, which interestingly, is where disco has gone, except for the heaven part, maybe.

Note: Somehow, when passing through the pearly gates, I do not expect to hear 'Stayin' Alive'. It is, quite frankly, a poor choice under the, well, circumstances.

For those readers not familiar with the BeeGees, the hottest tight-pant-wearing-falsetto-singing trio of brothers, quite frankly, ever, I provide this brief review.

Note: It is not brief.

The BeeGees stands for 'the Brothers Gibb," hence B-G, hence BeeGee. To clarify for the reader, if you are brothers and your last name is Smith, then you are 'the Brothers Smith", or more simply, B-S.

Note: Perhaps 'the Brothers Smith' is not the best example in this case.

I do not recognize, quite frankly, the two BeeGees standing on the stage. And I do mean standing, although Robin (the ugly brother) appears as if he will topple when the dancers rush by in a flurry of energy. Barry (the foxy brother) is a bit puffy and his hair resembles, quite frankly, Santa Claus. Maurice (the other brother) has passed on (may he rest in peace in Disco Heaven, which as discussed earlier, may or may not exist).

This photo is a representation of the BeeGees as I remember them joyfully, quite frankly, from my youth. This photo represents an era when men were free to be real men, sort of. They were free to wear incredibly tight, shiny pants and display their hairy British chests and sing in feminine falsetto voices.

Note: My youth is quite long ago, and apparently, so is theirs.

This photo is a representation of the BeeGees today.

Note: In this photo, they are receiving their 'Golden Anniversary' BeeGee coin from, apparently, the queen (see painting on the wall behind them).

Note: They have been performing fifty years?

Heck, yes.

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