Thursday, November 26, 2009

Little Things. Medium Things. Big Things.

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a beautiful morning and it seems appropriate to pause a moment to give thanks for my blessings, which are many. Without question I am thankful for the biggies, i.e. God, Family, Health, Whipped Cream, Home, Rubi. But today, in honor of the smaller things in life which ultimately add up to big things, or at least medium things, dependent on overall size, I suppose ... wait. What was I talking about?

Oh yes, blessings. Little things that are big when you think about it. In no particular order, then, I give thanks for a few of the smaller things for which I am grateful.

•Today's weather forecast is for 70 degrees and sunny.
•The newspaper is stuffed with tons of ads to look through for Black Friday.

Note: I have never actually shopped on Black Friday. Every year it seems like a good idea to rise at the butt-crack of dawn and spend money, but every year my cozy bed wins.

•The scent of Hub's neck when he squeezes me tightly in the morning, tight enough to hear my bones crack in my back.
•Duraflame logs that make my house feel like a home in a matter of minutes.
•Bob's Mighty Tasty Gluten-Free Hot Cereal. With whipped cream. Obviously.

Note: I eat it twice a day. The hot cereal. The whipped cream? More than twice. Way.

•The crazy messages my Pop leaves on my answering machine.
•Cataract lens replacement and surgeons who are confident enough to slice my eyeball.
•Radio Stations that play Christmas music 24/7.

Note: And the deejays say the word Christmas and that's just fine.

•Cuddling on the couch with Hub and Dog in the evening with popcorn and spray butter and Kernel's Popcorn Seasoning and Crystal Light and the DVR and no commercials!
•The way Rubi's toenails click on the hardwood floor and make it sound like she's wearing high heels.

Note: Wait, she is wearing heels.

That dog is such a diva.

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