Friday, November 20, 2009

It's the Great Turkey, Charlie Brown!

According to ancient Aleut legend (that one's for you, Daughter), the Great Turkey flies at night, spreading his message of Gratitude and Goodwill to all those who believe.

Note: I know that the Great Turkey is a male due to the jiggly wattle on his nose. Remember? I have discussed the turkey's color-changing-"I'm-really-into-you-baby" body part in a previous post, which has nothing to do with Gratitude and Goodwill. Mostly it's just a little disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

Note: It is possible that I am making up this legend as I go along.

So anyhow, the Great Turkey flies at night, spreading his message of Gratitude and Goodwill to all those who believe. Leaving cranberry sauce, yes, as a sign. To the believers.

Note: Leaving cranberry sauce is way better than leaving turkey doodle.

Note: A few months ago, local 4Her girls were trying to raise money for their sheep, which they were walking on leashes down my street. The girls came to my doorstep, sheep in tow, requesting donations. Donations, yes. Well, I'll tell you who left a donation. On my doorstep. Yeah, seriously. Sheep doodle? On my doorstep?

Trust me, however. Once you've seen the Great Turkey, you believe. And once you believe, you can't go back. To the way you were. Before. You. Believed.

Perhaps these deep, meaningful lines from New Moon, courtesy Roger Ebert, who failed to find the deep and/or meaningful aspect of these lines, apparently, will endow greater understanding of The Great Turkey's mission after, of course, I have over-explained the whole thing:

Bella: So ... you're a werewolf?
Jacob: Last time I checked.
Bella: Can't you find a way to ... just stop?
Jacob: It's not a lifestyle choice, Bella.

However, in contrast to the Werewolf Lifestyle, The Great Turkey is here to remind us that Gratitude is a lifestyle choice.

Ours to make.

Hop on the Gratitude Bandwagon. It's going to be an awesome ride.

Heck, yes.


Matthew Gamblin said...

Turkeys ... Cranberries ... Gratitude ... Turkeys ... Tryptophan ... Sleepy ... 5 am ...

Just thought you'd want to know what my thought process was like during your post.

In case you didn't put them together, the thoughts:

Yum, Turkey. Especially with some great cranberry sauce. Man, Thanksgiving is next week. That means I get turkey. But then then tryptophan kicks in. Man, that will make me sleepy. Just like getting up at 5 a.m. did today.

Yes ... I think.

Doug said...

Six foot blow up turkey's Rock!!