Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, Adam Lambert.

I have three words regarding Adam Lambert's performance on The American Music Awards.

Note: There may be more than three. I apologize.

Number One: Oh.

Note: I do not mean 'Oh' as a word of clarification, such as 'Oh, I get it' and I do not mean 'O' as the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. I mean it as eyes wide, lips pursed, eyebrows raised in the manner of 'Oh , I'm so glad that I'm not watching this with my Dad'.

See photo below.

Number Two: Wow.

Note: I do not mean 'Wow' as in 'Wow, look at that triple decker hot fudge sundae with extra whipped cream' or as in 'Wow Honey, that 2-carat diamond ring is for me?'. I mean it as 'eyes to the side, forehead creased, sideways Angelica-lips' in the manner of 'I can't believe I just saw that; please flush my eyes with warm water'.

See photo below.

Number Three: Shame!

Note: I mean it just the way it sounds. Shame! I mean it as 'Finger-wagging, you need a good spanking (wait, not a good idea) SHAME!'

Note to Adam, because I am confident he reads this blog: Dude, you're talented. Just sing, will you?


Brooke said...

Hey Dianne...it's me Brooke! I was so disgusted with him the other night! Oh...is exactly right. And shocking! Oh, and the sad thing is I loved him on American Idol.

Not anymore...bye bye Adam. He actually beat (in a bad way) Madonna's performace with Britney years ago. Kudos Adam! ha ha...

brie said...

i was ALWAYS a fan of kris allen vs. adam in AI; adam's ability to wear capes and army boots and look kinda hot made me nervous. because i'm straight. and he's not.

and now i really hate him and he can take his leather pants and I WANNA STICK MY HOMOSEXUALITY DOWN YOUR THROAT somewhere else, now. and apparently it won't be on good morning america, right, sucka?

at least there was no "wardrobe malfunction."


Anonymous said...

Ummm I absolutley loved it. And I watch adommy alllll the time. ;) Glambert for life!