Monday, November 9, 2009

Is It My Hormones or Are You Really Annoying?

A Gentleman Visitor to my home remarks, after greeting my dog Rubi that "she must be having her time of month or something because she's really cranky."


Gentleman Visitor is a married man with a lovely wife, sisters and I am sure, a mother who has given him the eye for remarks of a much milder nature than insinuating that women, while under the influence of hormones, are less than pleasant.

Okay. Maybe occasionally the Trophy Wife grows horns and sharp teeth and a head that whirls around in circles. Complete circles. Maybe next week, even.

However, all males, regardless of species, know to leave a lady alone when he suspects her to be in such a state. Of womanhood, yes. If he wishes to ever reproduce, that is. Or practice reproduction. Ever.

Granted, Rubi growled at him. A warning tone. Most men out there recognize the warning signs of hormone overload and growling, regardless of species, is definitely one of those signs. At the point of the growl, the Gentleman probably should have ceased and desisted any obtrusive behavior directed to the female dog and started doing dishes and writing love notes and asking his lovely wife if she 'has lost weight because her bum definitely looks smaller in those pants?'

Oops. Those instructions are intended for human males. But the generalities are the same. A quick cookie for the dog and a soothing comment about her fantasticness should do.

Please excuse me.

Rubi is standing in the pantry, asking for a cookie.

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Karen said... make me smile!!!!