Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Future is Now!

Daught sends me a photo. She looks glamorous in her photo. She always looks glamorous in her photos.

Note: She is glamorous.

Daught is in a clearance store. Looking glamorous. She is in the type of store that takes overstocked merchandise and makes it your shopportunity.

She is holding a tall, shapely mug. By its shape alone, one can determine that it is obviously a ladie's mug. I can not envision a man sipping from a mug of such shapeliness.

Peer closely at the mug. Future Trophy Wife.

Future? As in, not presently?

My dear reader. We are Trophy Wives today. We need not wait for tomorrow. Trophy Wifeness is a state of mind. Come join me. In my mind. (Click here if you need to know more about my mission to change the world, one trophy wife at a time.)

Note: Daught did not buy the mug. She knows false advertising when she sees it.

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