Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where in the World is the Trophy Wife?

I do not know Carmen San Diego. I do know that Carmen San Diego went lots of places and apparently, got lost. A lot. Because everyone was always wondering where in the world Carmen was.

That gets me to thinking, though. I haven't heard much about Carmen San Diego lately. Did Carmen finally get completely and totally lost?

Anyway, it is time for my reader to play "Where in the World is the Trophy Wife?" Yay!

Disclaimer: Maybe it's not so much "Where in the World is the Trophy Wife?" but "Where in the Heck is the Trophy Wife and what is she doing there?"

Let us begin with the first clue. Please view the photo below and consider a valid guess as to the whereabout of the TW.

Hmmn. Obviously it is to early to know the answer, or the game would be over. So, let us continue.

Hmmn. This game is tricky, yes? The Trophy Wife could be almost anywhere. Anywhere that's kind of creepy with some large creepy things with creepy hands.

Very good! We are getting close now, yes. The alert reader will notice the moniker of OSH. It is not Osh Kosh B'Gosh children's wear, however. Osh Kosh B'Gosh got it's start in Wisconsin and there is NO POSSIBLE WAY THAT YOU WILL FIND THE TROPHY WIFE IN WISCONSIN.

Oh, fantastic! The Orchard Supply Hardware BEAVER! Are you kidding me? A beaver?

That's one giant beaver as the Trophy Wife fits under his, um, man area.


Eat your heart out, Carmen.


Amanda P said...

Was that Beaver wearing shoulder pads?

Lindsay said...

I think I should have been warned about this post. All I can think of perverted ways I can comment about your location. I hope you will come visit me in the fiery pit, cause that's where I will be in the hereafter!

Lindsay said...

Sorry about the errors in grammar...my train of thought was so scattered at the time!