Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Just Realized Something

Somewhat of a confession: Hub and I watch 'All My Children' during dinner every evening.

Yeah, I know.

Anyway, It's-All-About-Me is having a flashback of a romantic moment with Ultimate-Hunk:

The sound of crashing waves. The wind is causing Hunk's filmy white shirt to billow about. His hair is tousled, his beard his rough. She gazes at him, she professes eternal love. He gazes at her, his dark eyes piercing to, perhaps, her very soul.

Or mine. Or maybe even Hub's.

He speaks, his voice gravelly and deep. "I just realized something.......... I was made to love you."


Okay, I don't mind suspending reality now and then (like when the cute coed decides to go to medical school and in like, three weeks, she is performing brain surgery at Pine Valley Hospital or when the sister threw the other sister down the well so that she could get impregnated by the husband of the sister currently in the well) BUT this has gone too far.


I think it's more likely that I'll win the Nobel Peace Prize than words like that will ever be uttered by any man who does not have a script writer.

More likely:

I just realized something ...... peanuts give me gas.

I just realized something ...... there are three college football games on in a row this weekend!

I just realized something ...... I forgot to take the garbage cans out to the street last night.

Let's hear it for our real men. Our belly-scratching, gas-passing, socks-on-the-floor-leaving men that make us smile everyday.

I wouldn't be a Trophy Wife without mine!


Lindsay said...

I must have one of those husbands that has a script writer, because I hear wonderful, sweet, tender, a little over the top romantic words from him all the time. But then, he is also King Gas Man...hmmm.

Amanda P said...

I just realized something...there's no dinner on the table.

Doug said...

Hey I resemble that!!

Brook said...

Hi! I'm so glad I found you in this big wide blog world! Hope you are doing well! We miss you guys!