Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Men Are So Weird.

The Hub reads Road and Track magazine, a very fine publication. It contains flashy photos and reviews of cars he will never own, unless he becomes rich and famous by having a wild raccoon gnaw off his arm but does not allow the tragedy to stop him from scaling Mt Everest. Or something.

So the back of the magazine is filled with ads which appeal to men, apparently, because all the ads either contain images of women in swimwear or eye-catching images of sausage-shaped items including cigars. And there is a scantily-clad redhead on top of a car saying I love a hard brake pedal.

Note: Men are so weird.

My favorite advertisement is for a pheromone mixture which, when added to aftershave, turns the most undesirable man into Hugh Jackman. And creepy losers around the globe are extoling its virtues.

This stuff is like catnip. It is amazing!

Well, you should have seen the look on her face last night. We are more than friends now.

My friend ... is kind of a nerdy guy, you know, but has this GORGEOUS girlfriend. I figure I gotta try it.

Note to Creepy Losers: Maybe the nerdy guy has a hot girlfriend because he a) has a JOB; b) has a personality; and c) does not shop for sausage-shaped items in the back of a car magazine.

Men are so weird.

Heck, yes!


Matthew Gamblin said...

I don't know that I can add anything to the conversation, but I certainly won't take away.

Cars are cool. And does anyone actually buy any of those items in those crazy ads at the end of car magazines?

That is all.

hello_tulip said...

One of the auto parts companies my husband does business with sent him a complimentary calendar with their contact info on it. It was 12 months of scantily clad bikini girls....seriously....
It is not hanging upon the wall anywhere here and has been "filed" in the trash can.