Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shocking News. Shocking Big News.

I have news.

Big news.

And sometimes the only way to share big news is to do so personally. Face to face, if you will. So now, I present my face, yes.

Please prepare yourself. It isn't pretty.

Allow me to clarify: The news isn't pretty. My face is fine, mainly because I uploaded the video in standard definition. Wrinkles just disappear!

Note: The smeared mascara is a result of the news, of course. A Trophy Wife never wanders about with smeared mascara. Usually a Trophy Wife doesn't even wear mascara, no.

What were we talking about? Oh yes, the VLOG.

I know. Shocking.

Note: Who are the dudes sitting around a table at BMW headquarters getting jiggy about the sedans and sending lurid letters to innocent men?

Eew. I feel dirty.

So, I'm off to take a shower. Or a test drive. I can't decide.

Heck, yes!


Amanda P said...

You may need to drive one before you are sure it's not as great as they described it...

Matthew Gamblin said...

Wow. Using video to lament these things now, are we?

I like the audacious nature of the whole thing. But I should probably teach you how to imbed video so you don't have to click through to see the video, eh?

At least he's cheating with a 6-series and not some lesser automobile.

hello_tulip said...

I agree with Matt--how would you feel if it was a Ford Taurus...