Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is That Your Package? Or Wilting Zucchini? I Cannot Tell.

I am standing in line at the United States Postal Service. I am standing in line with a fellow with a long gray beard and coveralls. I am wondering if he could be the Son of the Unabomber or perhaps The Unabomber 2 or Unabomber The Sequel. Or something. Then the Postal Worker asks him if his parcel contains anything breakable or perishable or hazardous. He shakes his head.

I guess he is not the Unabomber. That's a relief.

Note: I am wondering if a bad guy, say a Terrorist or a Vegetarian or the Unabomber, of course, is going to tell the Postal Worker that yes, his parcel is filled with explosives or anthrax or quickly-wilting butter lettuce.

Now it is my turn. The Postal Worker gives me options for mailing my small package to a city about a two hours' drive away. You may mail it Express with guaranteed delivery on Thursday for $16.55 she says or you may send it Priority Mail with delivery on Thursday for $5.30.

I am wondering if this is a trick question but no. This is an example of our Government at work, my friends. With our tax dollars, yes.


Sweet Holy Moses.

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Brookel said...

I can't stand it when they think I'm gonna fall for that one, three times as much for possibly the same result, no thank you mister postman.