Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thanks, Little Buddy!

Sometimes a blog post just seems to write itself.

No, really.

Just like a little gift from heaven, A Little Buddy of mine who is an avid follower of this little blog and a Trophy Wife in her own right, indeed, provides the following excerpt from her own Trophy Wife Life with just the teensiest bit of editing from The Trophy Wife because sometimes she just has to. Edit, yes:

I'm sitting with my Precocious Kindergartener working on her schoolwork. We are learning about our community and neighborhood and such in Language Arts. Today's topic is People in our Community and the roles they play. So, of course we are discussing police officers and firefighters and doctors and other scary-to-visit but necessary people.

At this point in the lesson I ask Precocious Kindergartener, aka Pre-K, about people she knows in the community and to discuss his or her role. In the community, yes. She names her car salesman father, of course and the nice pediatric dentist whom we just visited and who subsequently emptied mommy's wallet....but that's another issue entirely.

Note from The Trophy Wife: I detest dentists, especially pediatric ones. I do not need some kid telling me to brush and floss more regularly.

I ask Pre-K who else she knows and she says "Dianne." (Yes, really.... The Trophy Wife is a pillar in her community.)

So I ask, "And what is Dianne's job?" Pre-K smiles and replies, "She's a trophy wife." Now I am really smiling. Apparently she is paying attention when I read your blog.

"And what does a trophy wife do?" I ask her.

"She gives trophies to all the moms that are doing a good job."


Be Still My Heart!

Clearly, my work is done here. But do not fret; I still have much more to say. See you tomorrow.

Carry on!


hello_tulip said...

Note: I expected her to say your role is "Pilates Master" or "Rubi's Mom"
Note: Only the boss of me is allowed to do editing...
Note: I also despise dentists-- especially when they take all your money and then say "See you again in 6 months."

Roger and Jackie Harris said...

I'm thinking it's a good think she didn't mention me. What could she say "Lazy Mooch"............ I love you Docia.