Monday, May 16, 2011

Relevancy Elephancy.

I am watching a morning television program, sort of, and the ladies are talking about aging. Relevantly.

No, not reluctantly. I have that concept down pat. And not like an elephant either, although I have that one down, too, unfortunately.

Note: Click Here for visual proof of my Aging Elephantly. Oh come on. You know you want to.

So the lady is talking about staying relevant so our grandchildren do not roll their eyes and protest when it's time to go to Grandma's house.

What? Is that a possibility I must consider?

Note: I have the most adorable grandchildren ever. Photographic evidence follows.

Exhibit Number One:

Exhibit Number Two:

So, the television lady suggests adopting relevant behavior, such as, but not limited to tweeting and Facebooking and listening to popular music and watching Hollywood Insider and reading fashion magazines and dying crazy gray hair and avoiding mom jeans. And whatnot.

And your spouse needs to be relevant, too! she says.

So, The Hub is now in relevancy training. I question him regarding pop culture and current events in rapid-fire succession because nothing makes a woman less relevant than a dottering, suspenders-wearing, glasses-on-the-nose spouse, no offense.

Who is the latest two and a half-man?

Who sings the current number one song, Rolling In The Deep?

What size bra did Dustin Hoffman wear in the movie, Tootsie?

Note: 36C

But The Hub finds a much simpler solution. I will always be relevant, he says, as long as I have this.

He flashes his American Express Card.

The Hub is a freaking genius. And a heck of a timesaver!

Sweet Holy Moses!

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Amanda P said...

True: Your grandchildren are amazing.
True: You are a pretty relevant lady.
True: American Express is always in vogue...but Visa, it's accepted EVERYWHERE.

Matthew Gamblin said...

Oh, Amanda, but the American Express brings with it power that the Visa cannot obtain.

On a related note, I do not know the answers to most of those questions. Bad sign for the father?