Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So, Kate Gosselin. The Tribe Has Spoken.

So, Kate Gosselin.

What a glorious experience on 'Dancing with the Stars'. She laughed. Wait, no she didn't. She cried. A lot. But she cried those kind of tears that are dabbed with a kleenex, like it's allergies or something. She grimaced. But that's her normal face. And she danced. Let's not forget how she danced.

Note: I changed my mind. I am happy to forget, personally.

Carry on.


tawny said...

Oddly enough I kind of liked to watch Kate's "torturous" dancing... (is that a word?) Seriously she was like a robot with no expression.

THe tribe has spoken..OH YES! (and strange again, she was sincerely SO sad to get booted..but she was so bad?!? I would be relieved.. :)

Lindsay said...

It just hurt me to watch the awkwardness and the insecurity. It was time.