Friday, April 2, 2010

Pausing. And Wondering.

I am leaving the fabric store. It is pouring rain outside. I pull my hoodie over my hair in an attempt to stay dry. Ish.

I step outside into the rain, which is definitely pouring, and see a little tiny old lady making her way up the sidewalk with her walker. In the pouring rain.

She looks up at me, her hands firmly gripping the walker while her black handbag swings under her fingertips, sending droplets of water into the air. She is wearing a rain slicker. A purple rain slicker and the water is sliding right off. Because it is slick.

Note: My two sweatshirts covered by a wool coat made in China is more of a rain absorber, unfortunately.

Oh my, I say as we cross paths. We are in the drenching process, yes. In the pouring rain.

She smiles. Isn't it wonderful? she says. What a wonderful day to be alive!

I pause.

Note: I rarely pause. I am usually planning this or cooking that or cleaning this or bossing that, but in a good way, really.

I pause.

Yes. My hair is wet. My clothes are wet. My dog is wet. My car smells like wet dog. But who cares?

It's a very good day to be alive.

Heck, yes!

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