Friday, April 16, 2010

Real Men Wear Monocles.

Maybe it's just me, but the monocle is, perhaps, the most overlooked fashion accessory of the modern era.

Note: Modern, of course, meaning, now. This very minute.

Historically speaking, the monocle was a symbol of wealth, prestige, education and yes, poor vision.
Note: And perhaps, the monocle is associated with the cane due to the fact that wearing glasses in one eye only has to present some sort of balance and coordination issue which may or may not be a danger to society, in general.

Additional Note: The top hat gained popularity in the 1800's when men realized that it made them look both taller and leaner. Some scholars claim that men kept important papers in their hats, sort of like a man-purse or a European carry-all, yes.

And although my cat has never actually been monocled, I look forward to doing so. After I shave him. I highly doubt that this cat is carrying important papers in his hat. I also highly doubt that this cat is really a cat.

Note: The cat's hand looks eerily human to me.

Mr. Peanut, a sex symbol and a legume, epitomizes the use of all three accessories without being somewhat over the top. Subtle. If you don't look too closely at those legs.

Note: Wow.

The monocle, however, really should make a comeback and the sooner the better, as far as I am concerned. As photographic evidence I present the following:


Heck, yes!

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Lindsay said...

I never realized that Mr Peanut was a sex symbol...hmmm.

Glad the hub is coming home!