Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving Forward. Because I Must.

So, I'm driving on Interstate 80. It is a large freeway that links San Francisco to somewhere in Maine. Or Massachusetts. Or Manhattan. Or someplace that begins with the letter M and is far, far away.

Note: Maybe it's not the letter M. I don't know that for sure.

So, I am driving on this big freeway, uphill. There are many lanes of traffic. I am in the far left lane because I am driving fast, yes, in my Civic and I am wishing to avoid the mergers on the right side of the freeway.

One of the mergers has my attention. It is a seagreen Prius, yes, and I am wondering if it's not redundant that an ecologically-conscious vehicle (i.e. "green") is actually green and if it's an attempt by the automaker to be humorous or an attempt to be annoying or perhaps, both. As I am wondering about this, the seagreen Prius merges, poorly, onto the freeway which as one may recall, is currently an uphill grade.

The Prius is crossing all lanes of traffic from right to left in a somewhat mad dash for the fast lane. I do not know why the driver is veering to the left lane because fast certainly does not describe her current rate of speed, although granted, said vehicle is probably moving at its fastest possible speed, which is a crawl due to the uphill slope and the sad lack of any power whatsoever, and all.

Note: Yes, I have applied the brakes at this point.

Meanwhile, cars in the other lanes are brake-slamming and honking and cursing, probably, but I remain calm.

Because I understand: The Prius driver is either a really crappy driver or the Toyota was simply Moving Forward ...

... whether she wanted it to or not.

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