Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Names. In Vain.

I am watching Dancing with the Stars. Brooke and Tom, our hosts, are announcing the names of the contestants. The "dancers," a term used somewhat facetiously in a few of these cases, prance down the elaborate stairs on either side of the set. Names are swirling in my brain. Names like Maksim and Buzz and Niecy and Chad Ochocinco (hanging Chad, anyone? and please remove your mind from the gutter as this is a family blog) and Damian and Edyta and Buzz, yes, back to Buzz.

Note: One of these names is not like the others. Because it's not a name. I take that back because yes, it is a name. In fact, it is the name. Of my cat, who still needs shaving, by the way.

Names are kind of a big deal. A name gives an impression of a person before one ever meets said person. Example: Say you're a woman, going on a blind date. The fellow's name is Bertram.

Note: Oh. Bertram.

Now, let us contrast the initial impression. What if the dude's name is Maksim?

Note: Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. And what is it with the gutter-minds today, my friends?

I guess lots of folks have done lots of research about names and impressions of names because, you see, it's on the internet. Pop your name in the little search box and Boom! you can find out what people think about you. Before they meet you. And maybe after, yes.

I pop my name in and find that my name connotes the image of "an upper class girl, intelligent and quiet."

Note: One out of three is not bad. You can decide which one, if you wish.

Lest one dare to question the validity of the "pop your name in a box" impression, check this out: I popped Hub's name in the box and the impression says, and I KID YOU NOT:

A sexy and handsome chap.

Note: Apparently there's something to this whole name thing.

Heck, yes!

1 comment:

Stacy said...

I feel it necessary to inform you that I don't so much like Brooke.

Or Buzz. Or Maksim...and I'm not just talking about their names. Also, I don't so much like Cheryl. But that's just me.

On the other hand, I do like your blog.

And chocolate covered raisins.