Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh, Brendan Fraser. Oh My. Oh Dear.

Oh dear.

Brendan, what has happened?

I loved him in Blast From the Past. Oh my lucky stars! A negro!

I loved him in The Mummy. Yummy. Yummy in the Mummy.

Today he is making sidewalk chalk with Martha.
His face is puffy. His belly is hanging over his pants, a little. He is talking about his new movie, Furry Vengeance. He is showing a clip of his movie. In the clip, he is waking in the night. There is music playing. He steps into the living room. There are rodents and I don't know, maybe marsupials and moles and voles and squirrels, probably, in his living room. All over. And they are dancing. To the song, Freak Out and I kid you not.

Oh, Brendan.

What has happened?


Matthew Gamblin said...

I skipped almost all of it. When you can get sidewalk chalk and watercolor paints at the dollar store, but really don't have a use for them anyway, why bother learning how to make them?

But, learning to make a fancy clutch that I would never use because I have lots of purses and only use one consistently was worth my time. :)

Lindsay said...

Oops, Matthew didn't really watch Martha today. And he doesn't use a clutch, or purse, or even a man bag.

Once he asked if he could use his camera bag as a fanny pack though. That suggestion was abruptly shot down.

Wow, I am wordy tonight!