Friday, April 23, 2010

Pardon Me. Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?

I am driving in my aging SUV, heading to pilates with my mind full of important things, such as but not limited to pilates and driving. The local radio station is playing a lame hometown commercial with poorly written copy and a weird voiceover that is too loud and is followed with a crazy jingle, yes.

This jingle catches my attention. Because it's catchy, yes.

Sebastopol. Sebastopol. The Sample-Possum Festival in Sebastopol.

No kidding.

The most liberal, granola-eating, hybrid-driving city in an admittedly liberal, granola-eating, hybrid-driving county is having a festival to commemorate the tastiness of the possum?

Sebastopol, a Drug-Free Zone and a Nuclear-Free Zone and a Wi-Fi Free Zone, seriously, on account of those wacky radio waves that transmit signals that bounce around in our heads and cause either a) brain damage or b) fill our minds with evil, conservative rhetoric resulting in brain damage is advocating eating possum? The city that Saves the Whale and Saves the Laguna Salamander and Saves the Russian River Smelt or whatever fish that needs saving over there is now eating possum? And celebrating it?

Heck, yes!

Note: Simmer down. As it turns out, Sebastopol is celebrating the Apple Blossom Festival. Which sounds eerily and delightedly, like a Possum Festival. With sampling.

May the possums rest well tonight.


Amanda P said...

When is it an opossum vs just a possum? Is an opossum a single individual and a possum a group (or posse, if you will) of these creatures? If so, would you have a possum of opossums? Seriously, you are going to be pondering this for days now. I know I will.

Roger and Jackie Harris said...

You do know that I am grew up in Sebastopol. Ah ha, there you go, that explains everything.