Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ten Bucks Worth. Better Read It. Twice. At least

I am in Anaheim, across the street from Disneyland in my hotel room, conveniently located near the Denny's, and the IHOP and the Captain Kidd's All-You-Can-Eat place. I am sitting on my fluffy white bed after paying ten bucks to access the internet for 24 measly hours and that's like $2.40 an hour or twenty-four cents an hour or something ridiculous so someone really needs to read this post. Repeatedly.

Obsessively, even.

Disneyland is great. I have seen Banjo-playing dudes and a barbershop quartet in fantastically crazy pinstripe outfits and Mary Poppins and the Chippendale's dancers.

Note: The dancers turned out to be Chip and Dale. Very disappointing. However, they performed a tap number that seemed quite intricate for big fluffy feet.

And I got to design my own dream home at Innoventions after answering just five simple questions which only partially accounts for the fact that my image is in a spacesuit. Like an astronaut.

Note: Does my spacesuit make me look fat?

And although I did not specifically request that my lunar dream house be surrounded by odd phallic symbols, I am pleased.

Disneyland is great.

Heck, yes!


Lindsay said...

Your money was well spent! I have read your post. That is all.

tawny said...

Ahhh lucky girl!! (or is that Trophy wife :) What are you doing there?! So jealous...but love the post AND understand the obsession of the computer. seriously.

Enjoy yourself at the "Happiest place on Earth!"

Thanks for your Mac advice...I've heard...(we will see!) xo!

tawny said...

and is it WARM there???? I am still cold from the last time you saw us at the Mtn house... urgggh!!

Amanda P said...

You just wait until you come to Minneapolis. I'll show you the mall of your dreams. :)