Monday, March 29, 2010

When I Am Troubled. I Have You. My Phone.

It's good to know that when the world is spinning out of control and life is troubled, I will always have my phone.

My phone totally gets me. Sometimes I have difficulty expressing my thoughts.

Note: You may have noticed that my thoughts can be quite deep, yes.

Yes, sometimes I have difficulty expressing my thoughts. And needs. In a text message. But regardless of how many times my thumbs hit random buttons and the sentence gets all messed up, my phone gently suggests the correct word. With the correct spelling. Without any judgment. It's like my phone knows what I'm trying to say before I even say it.

Now that's a meaningful relationship. But there is more.

Yes. More.

My phone knows just what music to play when I am feeling down. With my help, yes. But still. And when I'm lost, my phone miraculously finds the way and when I need to locate the nearest McDonald's, which granted, never happens, but in theory, my phone is there for me. My phone helps me to find the best deal on garage floor epoxy paint in a 50-mile radius but doesn't mock me when six months later I haven't expoxy-ed the garage floor yet and then gladly tells me about the weather in Helsinki.

Note: For the geographically impaired and you know who you are, Helsinki is located in Finland, wherever that is.

By it's ringtone, my phone warns me when you-know-who is calling and repeats over and over I-Love-You-Baby-Mwahhh-Mwahhh-Mwahhh when the Hub, the other love of my life, is calling and yodels when the Son is calling, which always makes me happy. About the yodeling. Sure, it's happy when the Son calls, but yodeling is even happier. Really.

Thus, I have found my perfect match. And I will remain true.

Until I find a cooler one, maybe. That has service at my house.

Love can be finicky.

Heck, yes!

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Amanda P said...

What about daughter? What about ME!?