Monday, January 4, 2010

Zero-Ten. Oh yeah.

It is New Year's morning. I am debating with the Hub whether to say "Two Thousand Ten" or "Twenty Ten". Hub suggests "Oh-Ten" but he doesn't mean it because that's just stupid.

Note: It's not an "oh" at all. It's a "zero" and "Zero-ten" is, admittedly cool, but it's a little bit out there for the average Joe.

The little creekside cafe in which I sit is busy. I am seated near the food pick-up counter which is unfortunate. Food servers are making toast to go with the gigantic meals they are delivering to folks who are obviously not choosing healthy eating as a resolution for Two Thousand Ten, which is my choice, by the way.

I do not like to watch the servers touch the toast. With their hands. One of the servers is actually lifting the pancakes to count them. Lifting with her fingers which have probably been doing other things that are not making me feel very hungry.

Note: Do not sit in an area where you can see the workers making the toast.

Then all is forgotten. Beause my order arrives. In all its beauty and glory.

The bowl of oatmeal is like a cinnamon-scented facial. I put my nose over the bowl and inhale.

Note: Heck, yes!

The eggbeaters are actually appetizing. And The Whipped Cream. Although the food server raised her eyebrow at me when I placed my order for whipped cream, I have forgiven her. She just doesn't understand that's all.

Note: What's the deal with the butter? Why would one ruin a perfectly delicious bowl of oatmeal and whipped cream with butter?

And that, Trophy Wives, is breakfast fit for a ...

Trophy Wife!

Eat well! Be strong! Carry on!

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Lindsay said...

What is the deal with butter? It's a salty smooth delicious pat of fatty goodness that enhances everything (ask Julia) and in my former 3 year old opinion, should be eaten by the finger scoops!