Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Worth Seeing My Post. Just for the Picture. Really.

I was recently tagged by Daughter who is moping because none of those she tagged has responded to the tagging event. So, to keep family harmony and to amuse myself, the following list comprises ten things that make me happy:

Note: Supposedly, I am required to go "do" one of them; however, exactly how does one "do" a flock of wild turkeys crossing the street?

Note: Simmer down. I am not responsible for the naughty and inappropriate thoughts roaming around in the brain of my reader(s).

1. Whipped Cream. The kind in the can that squirts the deliciousness on my hot cereal and sugar-free jellos. Everyday. Of my life.

2. Rubi Gamblin's enormous and expressive eyes. All the better to see you with my dear.

3. Cuddling under my blanket on the couch with Hub and Rubi to watch 'The Bachelor' or other inane programming.

Note: Hub and Rubi are not actually under the blanket. Just me. Under the blanket.

4. Long, hot showers. With delicious shower gels. And big, soft thirsty towels. And a diet soda to sip.

5. My black scrunchy boots.

6. My iMac QuadCore 27" computer.

Note: Son, did I say that correctly?

7. Cooking and baking and serving and sharing. And having Hub clean up the whole mess.

8. Flowers and Shrubs and Growing Things. And the fact that next month, the trees will be blooming in California!

9. Every holiday, major or minor such as but not limited to: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Independence Day, My Birthday and everyone else's and New Year's and the International Day of the Pancake and oh yes, Festivus and maybe Hanukkah, if I can learn to spell it. And Mayday! I love Mayday!

Note: Son insists that we danced around the maypole naked. What the heck?

... and finally number

10. A whole flock of wild turkeys crossing the street.

Note: I had to say it.

The following have now been tagged:

1. Son
2. Favorite DIL
3. Mr. Gee
4. Karen P., as I am her Beloved.
5. Jilly
6. Jackie, who is likely in her home position.
7. Hub, who has no blog but he can whisper his ten favorite things in my ear. Tonight.

Heck, yes!

I am sorry. I don't know anyone else.

I am feeling a bit pitiful.


Lindsay said...

That whipped cream pic was nasty. And, its news to me of my husband's desire to dance naked around the maypole. SO INAPPROPRIATE!But, so Matt!

Amanda P said...

I was gonna say that whip cream pic was fantastic...but now I'm afraid that might make me sound...freaky. Guess that's what it means to be a Gamblin.