Thursday, January 28, 2010

Give me Liberty. Or give me something to eat. I'm Starving.

So, January.

Cold. Rain. Fog. No major holidays. Christmas tree needles in the crevices of the wood floor. Resolution breaking. Or bending, maybe.

Note: Personally, I love the resolution. But I realize that my normalcy is, occasionally, in question.

Lest it becomes too easy to wallow in the gloom of deep winter, January has a plus side. Or two.


I am talking about the Liberty Mutual Tax dudes dressing as the Statue of Liberty and waving from the sidewalk as I drive by.

Note: I find nothing liberating about paying taxes. Talk about the ultimate oxymoron: Taxes and liberty?

Are you kidding me?

Note: In fact, I fall into the category of those annoying people who sigh and moan and, perhaps, writhe about on that same wood floor at the mere thought of taxes.

However, I find myself driving out of my way after my pilates class to witness the most jovial statues of liberty I have personally encountered. Ever. They dance. They wave. They make taxes fun.

Note: No, they don't.

And today, there were two Liberty Mutual Statues AND an Uncle Sam.

Note: Heck, yes!

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