Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, Mariah Carey. Yeah. Wow.

Disclaimer: Anyone who actually knows me, in a personal manner, may find great amusement in the fact that I am posting about fashion.

But this is too good to pass up. Way too good.

So, Mariah Carey's Golden Globe dress.

Note: Yeah. Wow.

Mariah defends her dress. "I dressed very conservatively,” she said. “My dress was long and my shoulders were covered. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.”

Note: Are you kidding me?

Some broadcaster on t.v. was musing that perhaps Mariah just attempted to remind everyone how beautiful she really is, as compared to the trashy, frumpy role she played in Precious.

Note: FAIL!


Lindsay said...

I have always found shoulders to be much more titillating than cleavage. So I am glad she chose to cover up her shoulders. Otherwise, I might need to see the bishop.

Amanda P said...

seems appropriate to bear your golden globes at the golden globes. Wish I had golden globes to flaunt...instead of white marbles.