Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because I Can. Can-Can.

Daughter is very thoughtful. And courteous. And a problem solver. And a bit of a smarty pants.

Daughter's Hub (the SIL) is applying for jobs in Fargo, North Dakota, their new hometown.

Note: Contrary to rumor, they did not move to North Dakota due to parole violations or as participants in the Witness Protection Program. They just did. Because they wanted to.

So, SIL is applying for jobs and interviewing and I am monitoring his progress through my delightful Daughter. Via Google Chat. While she is working. Hard.


Daughter: well, the interview went good.
Grammar Note: The interview went well. Just saying.
me: Tell me.
9:41 AM Daughter: well, pending some calls to his references, they seem to want him.
9:42 AM
However, they require a 2-year committment from the time you get certified (as a Pharmacy Technician in North Dakota) to basically ensure their time and money to train you isn't wasted
9:43 AM
me: Whatever.
Daughter: but committing him to 32 hours of work a week (at least) for two years while he's trying to do school...

me: What are they going to do? Are they going to take him to Pharm Tech Court? Or sick the Pharm Tech police on him?
9:44 AM
Daughter: that's what I said...what's the action taken if you quit early? My example: what if my parents get in a car accident and my mom is paralyzed and my dad dies and we have to move out to CA to live with my mom and care for her?)
He didn't know...but he thinks you just have to pay for your certification.
9:45 AM
me: Oh great. Thanks for the caring example. Makes me feel good.

Daughter: Don't worry. I'd come live with you and move your legs to the can-can daily.
You'd laugh because you couldn't stop me!
Note: Are you kidding me? The can-can? Daily?
Heck, yes!


Amanda P said...

Wow...even if you were paralyzed I'm enjoying the idea of the power I would gain. I think I might need help...but the can-can is awesome...

Lindsay said...

I can help out with the can-can. I am a can-can expert. And, when you said "SIL" I thought sister in law momentarily... these acronyms so confusing