Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Call Me Sarah. Jessica. Parker.

I have a great idea for a new invention. I'm not talking about flying cars or something silly like that.

Note: Don't we already have those anyhow? I believe they are called airplanes, yes.

I get the inspiration for my new invention while cleaning my ovens. I simply push the buttons with the word 'clean' on them and four hours later, I wipe the insides of the ovens, quite briefly, yes, and I am done. With the cleaning.

I will now unveil my great idea for a new invention: A self-cleaning refrigerator, yes! It is high time that refrigerators come with a clean button. Imagine pressing the button, grabbing a handbag and lunching with the girls while the refrigerator cleans itself!

Note: Lunching with the girls? Who am I, Sarah Jessica Parker?

But, imagine coming home from lunching and what the heck, why not add a little shopping to the afternoon while I'm dreaming here and tada! There is no sticky syrup on the shelves! There is no tupperware filled with unreconizeable leftovers. And there is no over-sized zucchini sitting in a bag, turned into a puddle of mush.


So I'm toying around with other self cleaning ideas.

Note: Although at first glance, the concept of a self cleaning dog seems sound, after watching Rubi scooting her bum along the floor, I am moving on to other self- cleaning invention projects, yes.

But I am also open to stealing your invention ideas, cleaning or otherwise. Together, perhaps we can make the world a better place.

Lunch date, anyone?

Heck, yes!

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Roger and Jackie Harris said...

I just wish I had seen this earlier. Lunch dates are a favorite past time of mine. You bet.