Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Wuss And For All.

For some reason, there is a belief floating about, and I don't know why, that I am a wuss. For once and for all, I plan to put such preposterous-ness to rest.

Now let's be clear: I have given birth to two full-size babies, yes, without the use of an epidural or, in one ridiculous case, without the use of drugs of any kind, which is just silly.

Now let's be clearer: I have endured a brain explosion, or more precisely, a brain implosion, and yet I live to tell about it. In very lively verbage, yes, because that's how I roll.

Now let's be clearest: I have removed an actual bullet from my arm using only my teeth.

Note: No, I haven't.

So, I'm in Fargo for Thanksgiving. And it's cold. Some people, wusses yes, may even call it frigid. Sure, it's negative-something but I can handle it. In fact, I wish to experience the negativity and prove I am not a wuss, once and for all.

So, I decide to go outside and make a snowman, but I change my mind on account of I lost my mittens. I decide to go outside and make snow angels, but I change my mind on account of laying in the snow seems a bit silly. Because getting snow down one's pants is not ideal.

So, I decide on the next-best non-wussy thing to do.

Yes, that is my hand. Sticking out of the doggy door.

I'm no wuss.

Heck, yes!


Amanda P said...

Yesterday it hit 37. Rom spent the whole day outside making snowmen and snow angels...or maybe just bounding. He loved it. Dog door FTW.

Anonymous said...

who is outside, braving the cold, to take the picture? is it Hub? Can't be Ruby, the picture is taken from too high...