Monday, November 15, 2010

Stop. The. Madness. Happily.

It's like I'm on a covert mission, almost. I glance around the room, recognizing no one. That's good, I think. I must focus but I can't stop thinking about those poor children. In San Francisco. And what they are missing, yes.

The Girl in the Visor nods. At me. It is my turn.

I would like a Happy Meal, I say, nonchalantly, of course.

What kind would you like?

Is this a trick question? The Girl in the Visor blinks at me, waiting. The Happy kind, of course, I say.

Oh, my bad. I may choose a hamburger or chicken nuggets and fries or apples and soda or chocolate milk in a cute little jug or apple juice.

It doesn't matter, because I'm here for the Happy part. I'm here to Stop the Madness. I'm here for the toy prize, yes.

Note: Okay, fine. I might not really be here to Stop the Madness, but I like to multi-task, yes.

So. Please push the little sideways triangle to see what the children are missing. But prepare yourselves. It's riveting.

Note: No, it's not.

Can you imagine the sad but admittedly trim children that may be denied such joy?

Stop the Madness!

Heck, yes!

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