Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Living is Easy. Hopefully!

Hunting for houses is interesting. And amusing, sometimes. Like the time we sneak into the backyard of an empty house with The Son to peek through the windows and show him the lovely view, except the house isn't empty.

Note: Oops.

And we see a lot of interesting decor, yes. Like mauve carpet and dusty blue curtains. And Southwest-patterned sofas and lots and lots of The Barcoloungers. And weird stuff, like the Pirates of the Caribbean Basement and a house full of hundreds of birds, real ones yes, that whistle at me like a construction worker.

Note: That bird makes a grown girl blush, yes.

Additional Note: Simmer down, everyone. The bird is a parrot. Not a woodpecker.

Note to the Additional Note: Oh for goodness sake!

And we refer to houses by their street names. Like Sycamore or Oak or Freeway View. Sometimes the street names are pleasing such as Stargazer Court or Happy Valley Road. Other street names can be aggravating, especially the Spanish ones, because everybody pronounces them as if the words are in English, which they are not.

Note: California was once a Spanish territory, yes, which accounts for the missions and the architecture and the abundance of streets with pretty Spanish names, which when translated to English, are pretty stupid names for streets. Just saying. Proof: Via Hermana is roughly translated to 'View of the Sister' and she must have been one very fine-looking nun, yes. But shame upon the creep who was enjoying his clandestine view and named a street after her. Eeew.

And some houses are eliminated simply by the street name. I cannot bear the concept of living on Tam-O'Shanter, which sounds like an off-season residence for leprechauns or Wee Donegal, which sounds like, well, an unfortunately tiny Donegal.

Not good. Not good at all.

I hope to find a house on one of my favorite streets, like Lois Lane or Bacon Way or Easy Street.

But until then...

Carry on!


The Hays Family said...

There were two great subdivisions in Georgia. One was "Fantasy Court", if I remember correctly and I wanted to live on Tinkerbell Lane- other streets in the subdivision Princess Place & Snow White Drive.

The other subdivision is on Lookout Mountain and is called "Fairyland", the houses are gorgeous and the streets are all named after Fairytales & Nursery Rhymes- Red Riding Hood Road and Cinderella Circle etc.

Matthew Gamblin said...

Via Hermana does not mean View of the Sister. It (loosely) translates to Sister Way. View would be Vista.

Sorry to be the Spanish police here.

But yes ... I like Camino Del Diablo.