Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I. Got. Nothing.

Unbelievable, I know.

I got nothing.

I am keeping my eyes open all day long for great blog topics.

But I got nothing.

I am thinking that perhaps morphing Justin Bieber with my dog, Rubi, might be excellent fodder for blogging.

But the resulting image is a trifle upsetting, although I do feel pretty darn good about the stripe on the forehead and the enormous right eye.

Note: It is Jubi's right eye, not the right eye from the reader's perspective. Sheesh.

But I got nothing.

So I am thinking that I can blog about the subtle variations in texture and flavor of the pinto bean and the navy bean, so named because it was a staple for seamen.

Note: I am referring to seamen, as in sailors. Sheesh.

But I got nothing.

So I am thinking that I can blog about how the last sixteen phone calls to my house (yes, I counted and that fact pretty much sums up the pathetic state of my existence, perhaps) were either from a terribly sincere politician, no, who cares about me personally, no, or were from my Dad.

But I got nothing.

But actually, that's something! I've got a dog that's way cuter than Justin Bieber and I've got navy bean soup cooking with a big old hambone and I've got politicians who really care about me.

Well, at least I've got my Dad!

Heck, yes!


Roger and Jackie Harris said...

It's just little old me from right down the street letting you that I'm still reading you blog. What a beautiful day for a "Cupcake" cupcake. Oh yea, Orange and Black Baby!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Picture thief!

I think Justin and Rubi should get married and make lots of scary babies for next year's Halloween. Eew!