Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miley. My Wise Mentor. Yes, Indeedy.

So. I'm chatting on the phone with the Daughter and playing Wixel Lite, which sounds like a diet drink but it isn't and replying to some e-mails and looking up wacky google keywords that have led unsuspecting googlers to my blog.

Note: Poo dishcloth? David Archuletta's butt? I'm in love with my contractor?

Note: Yes, I am a multi-tasker.

I am also flipping through the channels on television while I chat and Wixel and reply and google. What's this? Miley Cyrus is on American Idol? Mentoring other singers? Mentoring? Really?

Note: I am not dissing Miley Cyrus particularly. But. Isn't she like, a child, and isn't she like, Billy Cyrus' child and isn't she like, super-hecka-lucky?

So I google the definition of Mentor, in case I forgot: a wise and trusted guide and advisor

Note: Wise. Hmmmn.

So while I chat and Wixel and reply and google, I check out previous American Idol mentors, to prove my point of wisdom, yes.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, check.
Diana Ross, check.
Barry Manilow, check.
Barry Gibb ...


You go, Miley!

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