Monday, March 22, 2010

Men. So Precious.

Hub decides to cut back a little on the sweets. And a few portion sizes. His belly is growing, just a little, he says. And it's not a diet, really, just cutting back.

So Hub skips a smoothie after his workout. He eats three per-sinnamon cookies instead of four. He makes himself a smaller cup of frozen yogurt at the fro-yo. He orders a full pizza and saves three slices for lunch the next day.

Hub is feeling sheepish this morning.

He works up the audacity to tell me that he has lost almost 6 pounds this week.

Six pounds.

Frozen yogurt, pizza, cookies.

Men. So precious.


Amanda P said...


Lindsay said...


tawny said...

No lose way to fast.


so excited for your journey too! we will have to do this together eh?!

cheers to roads ahead! (literally)

Reisner said...

That is not fair! I lost my contest by .17 percent!! Wahh. But I did lose 14 pounds so I guess I am a winner -

Roger and Jackie Harris said...

this is totally not fair. I worked my butt off and lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks and it too me a year, a WHOLE year to lose 51. Not Fair at ALL. My Hub just seems to think "I need to lose a couple a pounds" and's gone.