Thursday, October 28, 2010

Those. People.

I am one of those people.

No, I am not an 'In-The-Car- So No-One-Can-See-Me Through-My-Windshield Nosepicker' and I am not a 'No-Longer-Want-This-Item From-the-Cold-Case so I will Leave-It-To-Spoil- in the Pasta-Aisle-Food Waster' nor am I an 'Ignoring the-Checker-By-Chatting on the Phone- While-Using-My-Outdoor Voice, No-Less, During-Checkout-Insulter."

Those people sicken me, yes.

But, perhaps, I am even worse.

Note: My head hangs in shame.

Today, I find myself to be a "Dog Doodle Wrapped in Kleenex Slinger" with the aforementioned doodle, which has become warm in my kleenex-protected hands, flying through the air and landing in a bush. A spiky, nasty bush. In front of The K-Mart, yes.

Yes. The K-Mart.

And that is my excuse.

The K-Mart turns me into 'one of those people'.

Note: I am sorry, but it is true.

And if you can keep a secret, lean closer: I may have picked my nose a little on my way out of the parking lot ...


Lindsay said...

And as much as I love Rubi, this is why I don't have a dog. I wouldn't be a good enough doggie mom to handle her poo in a kleenex. You are my hero! :)

Amanda P said...

At least you didn't leave it sitting in the middle of the parking lot for some poor person to trample on.
Linsday - have you seen the kinda poop your lil' one generates? You could handle puppy poop like a champ.

Matthew Gamblin said...

Dude (Amanda),

Diapers corral the poop far better than the ground.

Cole poops on the ground and we're leaving it.