Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away!

I am online, reading about amplifying and normalizing and WAV and GIFF or WHIFF or something, I forget.

My mind wanders. I really just need to know how to work the darn program. So, I search. The archives. And the Tips. And the Help. Searching. About removing vocals from WAVs or GIFFs or JIFs or whatnot.

I find the answer! It is not good. But it is hilarious, yes.

"Vocal Removal: There is no magic bullet to solve what is in theory an insoluble problem."

Insoluble? The problem is insoluble?

I disagree. Absolutely.

There is no problem that can't be fixed by a long soak in a hot bath. Filled with bubbles. And those little duckies, certainly.


Heck, yes!

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