Friday, October 29, 2010

Very. Suspicious. Packages.

So, apparently, a worldwide security alert has been issued due to some Yahoo from Yemen claiming to have sent bombs via UPS or something. UPS planes are grounded and guys in bomb suits are checking out the suspicious packages with bomb-sniffing dogs and x-ray vision goggles.

Note: The Bomb Guys are wearing the x-ray vision goggles, not the dogs, although that would be awesome, yes.

Meanwhile, although nothing particularly concrete has been found, airport security has tightened. News reports indicate that women can expect to be patted down on their bra lines.

Note: I'm flying to Fargo soon. Can't wait!

Additional Note: I cannot wait to visit the Daughter and I also cannot wait for the patdown, yes.

The Reporter is asking The Expert about the effectiveness of the increased security measures on account of these packages. Suspicious ones. She asks the Expert if such measures can find explosives in say, one's underwear, such as the Underwear Bomber, of Bombs in the Britches Fame.

The Expert advises that even increased security measures cannot find all bombs, and it is particularly difficult to pinpoint gunpowder in the underwear.


Talk about your Suspicious Packages ...

Sweet Holy Moses!