Sunday, October 17, 2010

And I Mean No Disrespect.

Through a series of (un)fortunate circumstances, I find myself thinking about breakfast cereal lately. A great deal of thinking, in fact.

And it really doesn't matter why all this space in my brain is occupied with thoughts of whole grain puffs and fruity loops, but of course I will tell you anyway.

I have written a catchy little musical about breakfast cereal. And costuming has proven to be most amusing. We have a dashing mafia-type Tony the Tiger and a winged Honey Nut Bee. We have a wiry green Lucky Charms leprechaun and a large pink Frankenberry monster.

And I have uncovered a well-kept secret that may rock your world.

And I mean no disrespect, but is it possible ...

Twins, separated at birth?

Maybe it's just the hat ...

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