Friday, October 1, 2010

I Have a Sudden Urge. To Fetch.

It seems that I am feeling the teeniest bit anxious lately.

Note: Gross understatement.

Okay, fine. I am feeling quite anxious lately, but it's nothing that a little postural deep breathing and mindfulness and moderate exercise can't handle.

Note: False.

Okay, fine. Thank the Heavens Above for medication. And plenty of it.

It seems that I am feeling the teeniest bit anxious lately.

And during this time of anxiety, I am noticing a bit of a behavioral change in my trusty dog, Rubi.

Note: Rubi is freaking out.

Maybe it's my pheromones or my hormones or just my regular moans, but the Rube is fretting. About me. She does not let me out of her sight.

Note: I know that you are thinking snide thoughts about her somewhat-freakishly large eyes. Shame on you.

If I am in the garage, Rubi is in the garage. If I am stepping outside to pick a plump juicy tomato, Rubi is outside to watch me pick the plump juicy tomato. If I am not sleeping well, Rubi is not sleeping well. If my appetite is poor, Rubi does not eat her dinner. If I drown my sorrows in whipped cream, Rubi is sitting beside me, licking her troubles away.

But now I am wondering which way the ball is bouncing. I am wondering who's the train and who's the caboose? I am wondering Who's the Boss and who's the Minion?

I notice Rubi is itchy. Suddenly, I am itchy. I notice Rubi wants a cookie. Suddenly, I want a cookie. I notice Rubi has sprouted a few new chin hairs. Suddenly, I ...

Sweet Holy Moly.

I am Rubi's Mini-Me!

1 comment:

Matthew Gamblin said...

I'm surprised it's taken this long for you two to merge ....

Crazy woman-dog thing. :)