Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let Me Introduce My Pet, Peeve.

I have a few Pet Peeves.

Note: I am considering if actually have Pets Peeve. I believe I will go with the former.

Oddly, I can never remember my Pet Peeves until that particular Pet is happening. At the very moment. And then I forget. About the Pet Peeve. Until it happens again, as it usually does.

So I am considering my Pets Peeve.

Note: Simmer down. I'm just trying out the latter. You are getting on my nerves.

Additional Note: I just remembered a Pet Peeve! I am peeved when questioned about my grammar skills.

I am also peeved when "people" say things like Not all Women are Size 2's. Well, guess what? Some are. I also get peeved when "people" say they are just too busy to help.While smiling and nodding, I am musing, Dude I think your day has twenty-four hours just like us folks who must sit around on our Size 2 butts all day doing nothing. I also experience peeving when bloggers whine about not blogging because same blogger has nothing to blog about.

Note: Has that ever stopped me?

Sweet Holy Moses!

Heck, no!

So, what's your Pet Peeve?


Amanda P said...

It peeves me when someone posts a picture on their blog and then never references anything to do with the picture in their blog... ;)

Roger and Jackie Harris said...

I agree with Amanda. But I think that peeves me as well. I do love to read your blog posts. Other pet peeve, when the people that I live with clear the table or the counter of the items used for food preparation and/or consumption, but do not wash down the table or counter. Gross.