Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stupid Criminals. Sonoma County Edition.

So, the Hub and I are walking into Big Lots.

Note: Yeah, yeah. I know.

A lady is running out of the door and the alarm is sounding and the lady is running and muttering and gripping her shopping bag for dear life and her eyes are wide and her boobs are jiggling. With fear, yes.

The police place her in handcuffs. She is handcuffed to the turtle that goes round and round when you put a quarter in the slot. Slowly, yes. It is, after all, a turtle.

The police question the lady. In question.

Police: How often do you come here and shoplift?

Lady in Question: I have never come here before.

Police: That's a lie and you know it.

Lady in Question: Sometimes I come on Thursdays, when I'm free.


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Roger and Jackie Harris said...

when she is free? not in the pokey?