Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Fairy's Tale. Part One.

In a magical land filled with grapes and flowers and liberals there lives a quirky little blogger named Dianne. She fills her day with cooking and cleaning and laughing and writing and pilating and eating sugar-free jello with whipped cream, yes. She lives in a castle which is quite small by castle standards with her handsome Hub and royal subject, Rubi. From her balcony she hears the sound of cascading water from the pool and the tinkling sounds of golf balls being whacked and the occasional swear word of the disgruntled golfer, yes.

But something is amiss. And it's very, very near.

Something is growing.

Taller and taller. Silently, yes. But it seems that the giant thing is developing a life of its own and with its tendrils, it is slowly choking the living daylights out of our delightsome heroine.

The living daylights.

Dianne and the 'Bean Stalked'.

Yes, she is 'Bein-Stalked'.

More to follow. Oh yes, there's more.

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