Monday, July 12, 2010

Sports. Success. Sniffing Dogs. Oh Yeah.

Venus Williams is funny. Inadvertently, yes. But still.

Venus is talking to Julie Chen on The Morning Show, although I believe Julie should be more broadly recognized for her incredibly voyeuristic role on Big Brother as the 'Voice'.

So anyway, Venus is discussing her new book which is something about how sports opportunities make folks more successful in business ventures or life or blah-blah-blah. She has interviewed 50 important and successful people about their t-ball experiences and whatnot and how these events have framed the outcome of their very lives, yes.

Note: This is not a book I am likely to purchase, no.

Julie: I see that one of the chapters is about Bill Clinton. He played rugby in college?

Venus: Yes and his story is so inspiring. I wrote "Wow!" in the margins of my notes after talking to him.

Julie: Why is that?

Venus: He was playing rugby and got hit in the head and got a severe concussion but kept playing anyway and he says that experience really helped him get through difficult times in the White House.

Note: I am thinking that his concussion actually explains some of his difficult times in the White House.

Additional Note: I didn't realize that the White House employed concussion-sniffing dogs.

Another Additional Note: My bad. I am thinking that's where Mr. Clinton's concussion-ridden 'brain' iss located.

Heck, yes!

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