Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drat. My Cat.

The Problem: My cat still needs a good shaving. But I am afraid of his claws and his teeth and the horrible yowling noises he makes when he is upset.

The Plot: In a 'I-did-not-imply-a-sudden-or-unusual-or shocking stroke' of brilliance, the DIL, who is visiting, suggests that she find a stray cat, i.e. Buzzy, who is not actually a stray, just apparently neglected. As an act of kindness and hope for the stray cat, which isn't stray, just neglected, she then takes the cat to the nearest vet place. For a shaving.

The Problem: What is the vet suggests a physical? And discovers the cat's gingivitis? And puts him on medication for his arthritis? What if this cat-shaving costs me more than my new set of All-Clad D5 cookware, which I have been dying to bring up, casually, in a post?

Drat. Darn Cat.

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